Download eXtern OS

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eXtern OS is available to you for free. However if you would like to help keep the servers running and help the developers, you can go through a advertisement before downloading. Alternatively, you can support us on patreon.

Announcement! Beta 1 is currently not working properly due to server side issues. I have removed the download link. Please wait for Beta 2 release coming in a week that will be far better and is not broken. Follow me on social media networks, Patreon, or submit your email to be updated on when this happens! Thanks for your interest and support!

If your computer has a resolution less than 1366×768 you will not have a good experience. If you ignore this warning, keep that in mind when testing. Please read the minimum requirements on the home page. Thanks.


I.T.A.I is an artificial intelligence that comes with eXtern OS. Currently it does not support any kinds of commands as of right now. You can have a conversation etc however. Please also note that information you provide to I.T.A.I will be processed from our servers. In other words, avoid entering any personal information for now. More information is in the end-user license agreement you will need to accept before using eXtern OS.

Downloading and running Process

eXtern OS does not need to be installed on your computer. Infact you cannot officially install with Beta 1 release. It can run live from a USB or DVD on any computer. This means it will not touch the contents of your drives on your computer, unless you request it to do so. We do not recommend you to run it in a virtual machine as it currently does not work properly in it at all.

Verify the integrity of your download
You can use the following files to verify that your iso is the original and completed downloading, given you know how to use either of the files below to do so.
eXtern OS Beta 1 md5
eXtern OS Beta 1 sha256

How to run/install?

You have 2 options, to run it off a DVD or a USB. The advantage of a USB is that you can enable something called persistence. This allows eXtern to save changes across reboots when you run it on any computer using that USB.

Run from USB for Windows Users
Download any bootable USB creator, one that has been tested to work is Linux Live USB Creator and also Rufus.

Run from USB for Linux Users
Download any bootable USB creator, one that has been tested to work that comes with a lot of Distros is “Startup Disk Creator”. If you do not have it you can install it on debian systems (i.e Ubuntu) using this command:

sudo apt-get install usb-creator-gtk