Important! Beta 3 is on it’s way! So if you can, give us a moment we’ll get it out soon!
Important! Beta 2.2 will NOT run properly in a VM. If you want to just test things out, you can run it live. You will get a choice to chose between running it live or installing it when you start eXtern OS from a USB or DVD. Also if anything goes wrong at anytime (not during installation) like the system is frozen press the super key (windows key on most PCs) and R at the same time. It will reload SystemX.

If your computer has a resolution less than 1366×768 you will not have a good experience. If you ignore this warning, keep that in mind when testing. Please read the minimum requirements on the home page. Thanks.

Downloading and running Process

Baidu Download Links

If you live in an area where Google services are blocked/not allowed such as China, we recommend you to use this link

Access Code: ii10

Torrent Dwnloads

How to run/install?

You have 2 options, to run it off a DVD or a USB. The advantage of a USB is that you can enable something called persistence. This allows eXtern OS to save changes across reboots when you run it on any computer using that USB. You now also have the ability to install eXtern OS alongside your current Operating System.

Run from USB for Windows Users
Download any bootable USB creator, one that has been tested to work is Linux Live USB Creator and also Rufus.

Run from USB for Linux Users
Download any bootable USB creator, one that has been tested to work that comes with a lot of Distros is “Startup Disk Creator”. If you do not have it you can install it on debian systems (i.e Ubuntu) using this command:

sudo apt-get install usb-creator-gtk

Also UNetbootin works fine!