After losing my laptop right after the public release of eXtern OS Beta 2 (you can check my twitter for more information on that) it’s been rather difficult to work on eXtern OS as I am currently using an extremely underpowered PC with 1gb of RAM and a celeron processor (as you may have noticed significantly below minimum specs) in the meantime.

With that said Beta 2.2.2 is now out (also Beta 2.2.1 was released sometime last week). Here is whats in Beta 2.2.2. This release is currently only available as an Over-the-Air update within eXtern OS. Open the App Store or logout/restart eXtern OS to get the update.

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    1. Hi Edward!

      Just make sure you are part of the “Get Updated” list and I’ll let you know through that! Alternatively (or in addition) you can follow my twitter as I make announcements like those there.

        1. It shouldn’t lock before you setting your password (something probably didn’t load fast enough), but if it did, it’s “extern” without the quotes. It will lock after reboot after you set your own password though

  1. Eddie G.

    Hello, just curious, have you “upgraded” your laptop yet?….if someone wanted to “donate” to help you get something better equipped…how would one go about doing that? Good luck with this distro, it has so much potential, and I hope it can expand and grow to the same levels as Ubuntu and Linux Mint!!

    1. Hi Eddie,

      I am most likely going to get my laptop back. It’s in for warranty so if they accept to fix it I should have it back in a week or so. Someone did recently offer one but I am waiting to hear from warranty at the moment.

  2. Felipe Campusano

    Hi Anesu,

    Great job by the way, the most beautiful and well crafted distribution i try in a long time, congratulation on a expectacular job. My cuestion is where is the version 2.2.2 ?
    Becuase i go to download and there is only the version 2.2.
    Best regards.

    1. It works without internet! However, I highly recommend an internet connection, it’s an early Beta Afterall. It’s not something I would try without updating to the latest version

  3. Peter McCrackan

    Hey, vey nice job! A couple of comments.
    I’m trying this as the persistent USB and note that although it’s detected my location correctly the time is 8 hours off, I’m in + 8 time zone so I guess this is something to do with UTC and time zones?
    Also, I’d like the option to move the ‘dock bar’ to the sid eof screen. Screens are so wide now I think w emake better use of screen space by have the dock on the side.
    Looking forward to trying each beta as they come.
    Best wisges, Peter.

    1. I have no 4k monitor to test this on sadly. Hopefully if this project generates enough I’ll get one. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for sure. Although this will definitely depend if I have enough money to get one

  4. Magicquin

    Hi Anesu.

    well done on doing something different, I quite like it. however i am having some issues, my network speed on my lan connection is running at half the speed. I have installed the of on a dedicated drive on a i7 machine with 16gig mem.

    Not certain what the issue could be, would you have any advice?

  5. hackan

    Since I couldn’t find any specific place for bug reports I follow the others and leave a reply here 🙂

    I tried the 2.2.2 Beta and there were only two things which I had issues with:

    1) There was no way to adjusting the screenbrightness (intel graphics), neither with the function keys nor form any system settings. Adjusting Gamma works though. Would I need to craft a script on my own to fix that or is brightness supposed to work out of the box?

    2) I saw on “screenfetch” that there’s KDEneon in the base, but dpkg doesn’t work. If I would want to install other programs, do I need to compile stuff from source or is there any packaging system that works?

    Seriously awesome project! Will follow this with great interest 😀

    1. Nah, KDEneon shows up because I am using Kwin for the Window manager. It’s not actually based off KDE. I can practically switch the window manager to something else (it actually wasn’t Kwin until like December last year when I decided to switch to Kwin because it was more predictable and stable than the other Window manager implementation I was using) and you wouldn’t notice except for animations and whatnot. Why is dpkg not working? It should work, i’ve used it. You can also apt install (based off Ubuntu) if you want GTK etc Apps (you will need to enable them in the system settings to show up in the Hub menu). Normal eXtern OS Apps will be through the App store that comes with eXtern OS.

    1. You can now actually, it uses Ubuntu’s base. The Apps will look completely out of place though. I might think of adding an official support that integrates properly, but that’s just me thinking about it, not necessarily a confirmation since that’s not technically part of the goals of this project.

  6. Congratulations !!! I love it !!! I hope you can continue with the project, I look forward to the stable version to be my daily distro linux … My respects and admiration for all the work done !!!

    Greetings from a small town in Argentina

  7. Jeyson Flores

    Dude I liked a lot what you did. It looks gorgeous, it looks better than my actual desktop enviroment (Budgie) and that’s very impressive. I really want to see this project succeed and I recommend you to try to work with a group of programmers, maybe if you look for help many people will be glad to help you in this awesome project. I’m a programmer but I don’t think I have enough skills to help you with this, but I will checking all the updates you make. If you manage well this project it could be one of the greatest Desktop Enviroments ever made and a Pilar of Linux Projects. Altought I don’t think I have enough skills to help I’ll be pendent of the source code of this. I hope you continue this.

  8. Keanan

    I love this project. Will definitely make it my daily driver once it has a stable release.

    On which Linux distro is it based?

  9. Hi.. Anesu, I love you’re OS so much. I was trying to install it to my laptop but its always failed ceated grub.
    What should I do? Thank you very much. Respect from Indonesia.

    1. You might be experiencing a similar error to another user I spoke to. Make sure you are installing using MBR instead of GPT if you have windows installed using MBR partitioning.

  10. Yuliya Gerner

    When will your distro be stable?
    I like it so much!
    It looks smooth and modern, but I am bit afraid of using it on daily basis.
    P.S. How can I sponsor your work?


    I just loved the os and can’t wait to install it in my pc.May i know when the stable version will come?
    Love from India

  12. shield

    Will be released an eXtern OS also for CPU x86 32bits on the future?
    I love this friendly interface but my laptop still running 32 bits so i can’t test it!
    Good job buddy!

  13. Barath Raj K B

    Amazing Distro!!
    Planning to use as my daily driver (Dualboot With Windows 10)
    Do i have to do any other changes before i can use it properly.
    Waiting for the public release.
    1. Does it have support forbrightness control (Intel Graphics)?
    2. Does it support Nvidia driver?
    3. Does it support laptops (Battery Indicators)?
    4. Does it extended displays?
    5. Does it support Screeen-Sharing on meetings?
    6. Can I install the OS on a USB or external HDD (I don’t want to live Boot, rather I would like completely install the OS on a External HD like WinToGO)?

    Looking forward on the public release.

  14. Gilbert Mamuya

    i love this os, and i downloaded it since april, i’ve been booting on it through my flash drive on occassions, but it when i try to play a movie or any video clip, it doesn’t give sound. now audio. at the beginning i thought because it is still in development, then it might be something in progress, but now after i’ve read people’s comments, i’ve realised that, i should have pointed it out as well. please check out on this, just in case, i am using hp EliteBook 820

    1. Hi Gilbert!

      Will definitely look into that! Thanks for letting me know. Could you follow me on any of my social Medias and DM me from there so that we can discuss this further in details?


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